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Marked Bar reverse C R (Ronny
Carter) and numbers 5-10. Single
mounted gal legs Brass, Copper and
Marked Overton (Dennis) Early pair-
Double mounted
Marked Ricardo (early square
mark inside band)  Engraved
nickel silver alloy-bronc spurs
Marked star steel silver w/ AB inside
Engraved booger red pattern-rare
Newer marked straps
Double mounted inlaid Canon City Spurs
1940s?? Mint Condition
Includes straps from Jack Ferguson
Early Canon City Spurs
double mounted inlaid Scallop Bands
minor restoration-history available
Marked Star Steel Silver w/ a star
Viisalia Stock Saddle Co
Marked 9647 Robert Baldwin
Canon City Spurs-Double Inlaid
Gutierrez Double mounted
Cheyenne Split-rowels replaced
40 yrs ago - history available
call for price
JF and ccsc Jack Ferguson double
mounted gal leg 2 1-8" web rowel
Marked Monte Clark xlarge double mounted horsehead shank spurs  
3" engraved web rowel of buffalo head
2 5/16" concho on straps
Marked w/ small Crockett mark.  Sterling
overlaid. Matching silver concho chaps
also available. Jackson Hole WY
Marked Crockett iron
engraved cowboy spurs
Marked Crockett Renalde silver
mounted arrowshank spurs
Concho mounted marked
Crockett bronc spurs
Crocketts, silver mounted
Old cowboy used marked
Crocketts-marked on the rim
Andy Rombach-Germany
Californa style, inlaid,
marked handmade straps
w/ big conchos- $200 extra
Rex Schnitger Spurs-Silver
Inlaid Spurs with great straps
Crocketts, like new, marked
under the buttom, silver
mounted, hearts and diamonds
Marked Buermann,
bullhead spurs
Arrow shanked marked
Crockett on rim
Jack Ferguson Double Mounted